Firefox 30 With New Sidebars Button and More Now Available For Download


 The new browser Firefox 30 for desktops can be updated from the About Firefox option under theHelp menu, or can be downloaded from the Firefox’s website. For Android users the update has rolled out to India, with the Google Play store showing an update on June 10.

The Firefox 30 update for WindowsMac and Linux includes several bugs fixes, as well as new features like a button for direct access to sidebars for social, bookmark, and history, as well as support for GStreamer 1.0. The open source multimedia framework GStreamer essentially helps constructing graphs of media-handling components.

The Firefox 30 for Android has added new quickshare buttons to the context menu, and support for new locales like Argentine Spanish, Belarusian, Indonesian, Latvian, Malay, and Mexican Spanish. Web content on home screen panels is another new feature. Mozilla has also provide the complete changelog list for desktopdevelopers, and Android.

In terms of design, the browser sticks to the recently updated Firefox 29 with its overhauled UI design. Mozilla had termed these changes as a part of its effort to offer a ‘simplified main interface’.

The Firefox 29 updated for Windows, Mac and Linux is designed for greater highlight on the current tab that sees other tabs fading in the background for less distraction. Other changes included with this version of the browser were a redesigned and customisable Firefox menu, which opens up as a pane on the right side. Notably, the redesigned tab structure, and the menu is similar to Google’s Chromebrowser.


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