Important Data

 CBSE Sample Paper  KVS Computer e-Books for Class -III-X 12/04/2016 new
 KVS E-learning Portal 03/05/2015  Student record form .
 CBSE Sample Paper Class X & IX ppt31/10/2015
 CBSE Syllabus   Informatics Practices PPTs
 e-Books  IP Practical Screen Shot with solution
 Inspirational Story  How to create JDBC Connection (Net Beans IDE 6.9) with MySql
 Study Material 2012-13  Antivirus Computer Security Softwate

Winter Break Assignment,Project & Home Work 25/12/2015 
 Programming Language Python
KVS Split Up Syllabus ( Class 3-10)  Revision of Education Code for KVS-25-04-13

IGNOU B.Ed ASSIGNMENTS (Programme wise)2014-15
 Project & Assignment Form 01/08/2014 Submit Details of  Second Term Project Project & Assignment 01/09/2014

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