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An anti theft device is very necessary in day today life. The purpose to made this model is only to show that what is science and what are its wonders. By this exhibit I want to show that the basic concept of science can be use for big application. Also to secure our communication and transport system. I aimed it. Just the main aim was to make it reliable for better results. Other than security device I added a homemade atm machine with anti remote sensing technology. The only reason to made this is to give the idea of digital India and to make it home slogan for all Indians.

Scientific Principle:-

Security device:-

This device is made on a basic scientific principle of circuit. The background (principle) programming is executed, when the circuit is completed, while door opens the circuit completes and starts working and gives a quick response.

ATM / Security locker:-

The basic principal of rotating motors by electric current with the help of radio waves giving it s wireless connectivity.

Anti remote control security:-

By the defect of mother board it can sense radio waves of all  remote  and then except my registered remote it  make  sound & LED glows  which aware about disturbances tried to make .


     Material Required:

     Security device

  1. A locker with two parts
  2. E.D bulbs
  3. Battery ( electricity, energy source)
  4. Camera and siren ( Horn)
  5. Wires with current conducting plate
  6. Solar panel

Construction and working

  1. 1. Attach camera and horn or any sound device in a series and place it in suitable space in upper part of locker.
  2. Attach one end of wire to battery and another end with a conductor plate. Also attach solar panel.
  3. Attach another plate with battery such that when two conductor plates touch themselves then circuit completes.
  4. Now in bottom part on a side wall attach conductor plate parallel to each other with a small distance between them.
  5. When we pull door the conductor plate will be pulled and circuit will be completed and camera, siren and L.E.D will start working.

Working of Exhibit:

At every time when door will be pulled its circuit completed and starts capturing video and alarming by creating sound.

It is very necessary to secure our communication technology. Some important devices and also hidden meeting offices of army, information technology, industries can be secured easily at cheap rate.


  1. A radio car mother board
  2. Rollers for rolling currency.
  3. Battery ( electricity, energy source)
  4. A charger 4.5 volt
  5. Wires with current conducting plate
  6. A ATM card
  7. A radio waves sender’s pre programmed.
  8. Some 2000$ currency notes and an radio wave detector

Construction and working   1.Attach radio detector with mother board and also attach a motor to it and rollers to both of its side.

  1. Take a radio waves signal source pre programmed for giving order to make the rollers roll.
  2. Now attach a stand such that in between rollers and stand notes will be placed.
  3. Now attach card detector so as to apply for the money withdrawal.
  4. Now add account no. of card to the programmed motherboard as it detects card and allows withdrawal.

Working of Exhibit:

As we insert card and push the button from radio controller the rollers will start rolling and will gives the notes 2000$ out and then we can collect it and it can also help to promote idea of digital India.


As a defect of sensing the signal of authorized remotes I had made this defect as a security effect.

I attached a buzzer one end at antenna of motherboard and another at b+ print and completed circuit with a battery so as to get working.

Advantages        Security device:-

  1. Less power consumption and multiple applications (almost negligible power consumption).
  2. Requires very less amount of energy as well as memory because it captures only routine video while other CCTV captures video of 24*7.
  3. Requires less time to check about theft while in local CCTV we have to check for 4-8 hours.
  4. Investment is very less almost 1500rs while in other security we have to spend a lot.
  5. Solar charging capability.


It can be use as stuff toys for kids.

It can be use to learn how to use atm.

Promoting the idea of digital India and make in India

Less power consumption and multiple applications (almost negligible power consumption).

Requires very less amount of energy.

Applications of model         Security device:-

  1. It can be used in big communication Industries to secure their special offices so no other can be able to crack data.
  2. Can be implemented in police transport, vehicles of CBI also the vehicles of banks (which transport money).
  3. Ships and submarines can be secured as they travel for long time and can’t afford much electricity investment as security purpose.
  4. Power consumption is very low hence can be implemented in regions like Ladakh or harsh border area.
  5. It can be used at homes for keeping ornaments and money safe.
  6. No one can touch it or go near it otherwise it will start alarming. ATM
  7. Making stuffs
  8. It can be use to make unique donation box.
  9. Can be use as auto money locker.
  10. Its defect can be use as remote checker.
  11. It can be implement in stores to roll out products.
  12. This principal can be use for making radio wave camera which can be use in drones.
  13. Radio wave lamps and other radio working stuffs like radio fan etc.

Brief Summary         “Anti theft device”

Comes under science technology and mathematics for nation building. The sub theme is transport and communication since it has vast applications in such field.

The aim is to strong the base of development which is transport

And communication by securing them at cheap rate and low

Power consumption and investing less memory space. The best thing is that it involves the basic                                           concept of science that is simple circuit or switch making. Its applications are it can be use in high profile transport system as well as communication Industries. It is further a good solution.

ATM is much highlighted after demonetization

And there’s a wave of digital India and technical India. So as to aware people I made this model to detect presence of radio waves near this model and to promote others to work upon it.

by : Yash Jain

class: 12 th Science

K.V.Gail Jhabua















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