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           SAM_0895  Education ,it’s the biggest discovery of a mind. it’s never small or worthless.

My friend you need to understand that education is not only learning from books, seeing things and applying them is due to education. you see someone touching flames and then getting burnt, you will not make this mistake then onward…that man did not do any thigh but it was the education that taught you what right for you…Hence it’s the meaning of education to learn and apply the ways in which life can be made easy… And as you asked that is education only for getting a good job. NO, it’s a much bigger picture than that, job is just a slight benefit of education, the main motto of education is to keep forwarding the things learnt by most of the world easily on to upcoming new generation that may make use of it to achieve even simpler, comfortable life.

Mohan Khode,Chairman

Nidan/Ujala Shekshnik Avam Samagik Sansthan(NGO),Barwani (M.P.)

Dear Students  !

How you look objects or things, that does not matter,

What you think about them, that matters………..ashokWhat it shows?

It shows about your idea, about your creativity.  In computer field or any other area, this is the main thing by which you can achieve your target; you can be at top,because thinking never stops. It always forces you to make anything more effective and efficient.

Now relate all these things with programming language. You will always find the solutions and your algorithms will go in right direction. Mix all your program, explore your ideas, manage them in some systematic way and you will see your PROJECT is ready in front of you.

Think a little, while you reading this…you are thinking about your creativities…..then for whom,  you are waiting for…

Be confident …faith yourself and complete your tasks…


Ashok Kumar Bhukal PGT Computer Science ,KV Duliajan

Dear Friedeep1901nds … !

True Education results in all round development of the personality. it is a joyous living in the present as well as an active preparation for future. You have to prepare yourself to face the world  boldly and enable yourself to contribute your best for the betterment of the world. You have to develop yourselves into intelligent ,diligent men/women dedicated to sincere hard work. Basic to any achievement is sustained hard work guided by meticulous planning.Inculcate regular habits and ensure that you are prompt in your work. Do what you have to do today…..,do not postpone it to a latter date. Use this website for  some  latest softwares, previous year question papers, educational ppts and information…..

Deepak Bhinde ,  Administrator (DBGYAN) Your Visitor Number 

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