Hindi V/s English

Once upon a time there was a boy in a small town. He was just an ordinary guy. He was studying in charitable trust school in Hindi Medium. He managed to pass every year in each class. He was not at all good in English.

He tried hard to pass the English test every year and any how he always secure 33 marks out of 100. Which was the passing mark.

When he reach in 8th standard he did not able to clear the mid term exam. The school administration fired him. Anyhow he manage to appear in final exam as a private (Correspondence) student.

He cleared his final exam but in parked position. He secure only 25 mark which was below the passing marks in English. But as per rule he was allowed to get admission in 9th standard.

After a long struggle he cleared his graduation in commerce.

The real exam was waiting for him. In august 2005 he got an interview call from an MNC. He went there and attends the interview. He was aware that he was not at all good in English but even than he attended the interview. Surprisingly he got selected. When he asked the HR, the HR replied dear you have topped in Subject test and that’s why we have chosen you. With regards to English we will train you.

After a long training he hit the floor but before that an eye-opening incident happen in his life. He cleared all the test in very 1st attempt because he knew that some of the guys would fly to got trained. He was damn sure about his selection but company did not give him chance due to his insufficient skill of English speaking.

This incident broke him but he decides not to lay down him self. He announced in team that one day he would fly to UK even he is not able to speak fluently in English.

He continuously performed so well and got top rating in team month after month. Years after years. Once he got a chance to move in a different team. He performed very well over there as well. Now this time he was sure that he would fly to abroad. But again his name was not in the list. He went to his manager and asks why this happened. If this time he will not fly he will resign from the company as nobody has performed like him. The manager asked him to wait for some time. The next day he did not come into the company. In evening he got a call from manager to come into the company for 15 minutes. He came and got the confirmation that he will be fly.

This is the end of story for today. The conclusion is that if you are not able to communicate in one specific language then its not mean that you will not get chance to be on top. This is a true story and I believe that knowledge is not bound of any language. You can be expert or not but yes if you work hard then one day you will get what you want.

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