Visual C++ .net

With the release of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, the company added a new variant of the C++ language named C++/CLI. While C++/CLI is a complete computer language on its own, Visual C++/CLI applies it to the creation of various types of applications (GUI, XML, databases, communications, etc).

This web site provides lessons and other topics to assist you in using the C++/CLI language to create graphical applications.

1::Introduction to Microsoft Visual C++/CLI Application Design
2::Introduction to Windows Programming Introduction to Forms
3::Introduction to Windows Controls Exception Handling
4::Characteristics of Windows Controls Events
5::Details on Controls Properties Delegates
6: Methods and Events of Controls
7::The Forms of an Application Custom Libraries
8::Introduction to Controls Containers
Application Accessories Applications
The Main Menu SDI & MDI Applications
Contextual Menus Application Online Help
Characteristics of Menus
Status Bars
  File Processing Bitmaps
Accessories Introduction
Details on File Processing Copying
File Information Scaling
File Operations Mirroring
Directories Flipping
Objects Shapes Curves Brushes
Introduction Line Introduction Introduction
Icons Lines Pie Solid Brushes
Cursors Rectangle Arc Hatch Brushes
Color Rectangles Bézier Texture Brushes
Drawing Strings Ellipse Béziers Gradient Brushes
Polygon Closed Curve
Fundamentals Collections
Introduction Introduction
Serialization Built-In Collection Classes
File-Based Databases Dictionary-Based Collections
Linked Lists
Introduction to ADO Simple Control Binding Introduction to XML
Database Creation Combo Box Binding Introduction to XML Elements
ADO Fundamentals Locating a Record Operations on XML Elements
Database Creation Using a Parameterized Query
Database Tables
Tables’ Columns
Database Records
Data Entry Assistance
Introduction to Recordsets
Introduction to SQL
Record Maintenance
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