Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ is a programming environment used to create computer applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. To assist it, the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, or MFC, was created as an adaptation of the Win32 library to use in Microsoft Visual Studio.This web site provides lessons and links on how to exploit the MFC library, including its use in Microsoft Visual Studio and its implementation of the C/C++ programming language.
C++ For MFC
1: Introduction to MSVC
2: Introduction to C++ Projects
3: Introduction to Values
4: Numeric Values
Fundamentals File Processing
01::Introduction to Microsoft Visual C++/MFC Drives
02::Introduction to MFC Applications Archiving
03::Accessories for Applications and Windows Directories
04::Introduction to Dialog Boxes C File Processing
05::Managing Dialog Boxes MFC Standard I/O
The File Dialog Box
The Open With Dialog Box
Windows Controls
Introduction to Windows Controls
Managing Windows Controls
Animation Bitmap Button Button Check Boxes
Color Dialog Box Command Button Edit Box Font Dialog Box
Group Box Image Editor Masked Edit Control MFC Button
MFC Color Dialog Box Picture Radio Buttons Rich Edit
Spin Control Static Text Up-Down Control
Dialog Boxes
Wizard Pages Message Boxes
Property Sheets & Property Pages
MFC Property Sheets & Property Pages
Linked Lists
Studio Windows
Properties MFC Class Wizard
Messages and Events
Frames Fundamentals
Windows Resources
Characteristics of Windows Frames
Fundamentals of Windows Controls
Control Design
Fundamentals Resources Dialog Boxes
Introduction to C++ Mini Frame Dialog Bars
Status Bars
Date Picker Check Box Combo Box File Dialog List Box
List Control Month Calendar Picture Clip Progress Bar
Radio Button Slider Scroll Bar Spin Button
Timer Time Picker Tree Control Up/Down
GDI Fundamentals GDI Objects GDI Topics Bitmaps
Introduction Colors Meta Files Display (Using Resource)
Lines Fonts Flicker Free Display (From a File)
Polylines Pens Trajectory Recognition Display in a View
Polygons Brushes As a Patterned Brush
Rectangles/Squares Bitmaps
Ellipses/Circles Drawing Text
Curves Coordinate System
File Processing Printing Collections
Archiving Introduction
Using the Common Dialogs Print Dialog A List of Strings Class
C++ Serialization Using Document/View A List of Objects Class
Using CDocument Doc/View Architecture
Print Preview Using a SQL Server Table
The Print Setup Dialog Box
Views Views Topics Libraries
Introduction to Views Introduction
CTreeView Static Libraries With MFC Static Libraries With MFC
CListView Win32 Static Libraries MFC Static Libraries
Form View Win32 Static DLL Win32 Static DLL
CScrollView Win32 DLL Win32 DLL
CEditView Module Definition File Module-Definition File
CRichEditView DLL Explicit Call DLL Explicit Call
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