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  1. Computer is an electronic machine which helps us from variety of methods. It teach us knowledge learnt us knowledge capacity of power. In computer we use internet and from internet we learnt our knowledge. computer is beneficial for us for variety of methods. fro internet we get our sample papers and practice. Computer is the best technology in the world. It is very useful in our daily life. A computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithemaetic or logical operations.Since a sequence of operations can be readly changed the computer can solve more than one kind of problem. From all of this we understood that computer is very essential for us.
    CLASS- X C

  2. For teaching me to stop attributing value to unimportant things, and start trusting my instincts. Before reading Jobs’ speech, I was working a job I hated because it was really the only thing I ever tried. It was what I knew. Jobs says “You’ve got to find what you love.” His article helped me realize that I was wasting my life living someone else’s dream. If I settled for someone else’s dream, I’d grow old and die without ever seeking my own………
    from: shubham agarwal
    x c

  3. Computer is the father of mordern technology. It is an electronic device which has become an organ of our life. In each and every aspect of our life, computer plays a crucial role in some or the way. It surves us as we play our role on it. It is fast and time conserving. The has become interlinked through the numerous computer networks. The connection of internet in a computer inhence its real functioning. Through internet we get our results within seconds. As compared to reading the vast records in libraries, internet is way better as it conserves our precious time and serves us in a much better way. The world wouldn’t have been able to develop till this extend without the use of computers and even in the future and the present, computer is one of the most important organ for the process of development.

  4. Modern technology of computer is a key word to hold success. Now , a days it is very useful for us.Modern technology prvide us many benefits. It helps in our studies to get our sample question papers and answers. Our ancestors left us for various technogy which we are using in our daily life. Modern technogy of computer give us a essential unit of life. Now a days internet are using day by day. From modern technology of computer and internet which we are using in daily life.
    CLASS- X C

  5. Modern technology is the current technology of the 21st generation.We are gifted this from the execellence from the compuer scientists.It has been possible to develop this kinds of gadgets like computers,laptops and mobile with the combination of technology and science.Today modern technology has help us in many fields like for security and easy communication with others staying far away from us. We can see headlines,sports news etc from seeing T.V daily. It has also given job oppurtunity for younger generations. Another good gadget which is mobile helps us to talk with friends,relatives. Another new gadgets is a tablet which helps in bussiness works and internal purposes.

    from Kayshap Patra
    Class X-C


    modern tecnology is the current tecnology of the 21st has been possible to devlop this kinds of gedgets like computer,laptops and mobile with comunation of tecnology of science.todey modern tecnology is very used ful. Another new gedgets is teblet.

  7. Computer is very useful in our daily life . It is an electronic machine which enables us to do many things . It helps us in our studies also . Through internet we can talk to our relatives . We can play games . We can share our thoughts through internet only . We can see videos also . We also get sample papers of different subjects and also solved problems of our textbook . We get information about what is happening around the world .
    from : neelam jaisy

  8. With the advancement
    of computer
    technology the size of
    the computer is
    becoming smaller and
    more effective than the
    before. The data storage
    capability of the
    computer is now limited
    to the megabyte and
    usually it extends to the
    gigabyte to terabyte
    and in this way modern
    computer is the world
    within a world. Hard
    disc, DVD discs and
    removal discs are such
    kinds of memory
    storage device those are
    now small in size and
    more capable than the
    Form Shubham Agarwal X-C K V Duliajan

  9. Youth Is A Blunder, Manhood A Struggle, Old Age A Regret

    Life is a tissue of opposites- a fascinating conundrum, a puzzling delight. In it, joy is inextricably mixed with sorrow, success with failure, tranquility with turmoil and dreams with reality. Stepping into his mundane existence, the child feels delighted and amazed to feel the beauty and profoundity of this creation. He reflects the divinity of his childhood innocence, enjoys the pranks of his adolescence, soars high in the dreamy realm of his youth, returns to the real plane of his manhood, approaches near his consummation, when he shakes his hoary and wistful head, ponders and reflects and then is frigidly silent. But life still remains a baffling philosophy, springing from eternal breath and culminating in inevitable death-“the last of life for which the first was made”.

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