Select the most appropriate answer only
1. Some Microsoft officials are concerned about the growing popularity of Linux because:

  • It’s a better word processor than Microsoft Word.
  • It could offer stiff competition to the Windows NT operating system.
  • It provides faster Internet service than The Microsoft Network.
  • None of Above.

2. Which of the following will connect you to the Internet? An commercial online service.

  • An Internet service provider.
  • A network connection.
  • All of the above.

3. What software allows you to view Internet sites?

  • A cyber cafe
  • A browser
  • A modem
  • Your Computer

4. What does the “F” mean on the F1, F2, F3, F4, etc. keyboard keys?

  • File
  • Find
  • Format
  • Function

5. “HTML” is an acronym for what?

  • Hypertext Markup Language
  • High Tone Modifier Loop
  • Hypertext Makeup Loop
  • None of the above

6. “WWW” is an acronym for what?

  • World Wide Web
  • Web Wide World
  • World Web Wide
  • Wide World Web

7.  Which one of these translates a high level language to machine code?

  • Assembler
  • Compiler
  • Modem
  • None of the above

8. Which one of the following holds the most information?

  • A book
  • A floppy disk
  • A compact disk
  • None of the above

9. What is computer science?

  • Learning how to use computers.
  • Designing circuits for computers.
  • Designing web pages.
  • Learning about algorithms, programs, and computers.

10.  Which of these is NOT a programming language?

  • Pascal
  • Findler
  • PL/I
  • J
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